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Lining ready made curtains

Ready made drapes are a quick and lovely way to create a look in any room. Besides their aesthetic value, they also provide privacy and help maintain comfortable temperatures in the winter. Lining ready made curtains will add to their ability to cushion in the heat and save energy. Rather than changing out your favorite drapes for a thicker set during the cold months, add a thick lining yourself and keep the look you love throughout the year.

For this project, you will need the following things:

  • -Tape measure
  • -Your favourite drape
  • -Lining fabric
  • -Matching thread
  • -Sewing machine
  • --Fabric pen
  • --Fabric scissors
  • --Pins
  • --Straight edge

The first step will be to measure the length and width of the curtains and add one inch to each measurement. This will define what size lining you will need. The lining material must lay flat on either a smooth floor or any surface large and flat enough to ensure that the material will lay properly. Then the measuring tape and straight edge must be used to mark the outside borders of the liner. It is important to create thick, dark marks for mistake-free cutting and to use a very sharp pair of scissors.

Once the material has been trimmed down to the exact needed size, it must be placed face down on the working surface. The top half inch of material must be folded down and secured with pins, which should be inserted about every 3 inches or so. The same must be done for the bottom, left and right side.

Now with everything pinned, it is time to sew the edges down and remove the pins when done. When this is all done, it is finally time to attach the liner to the drape. Laying it face down with the lining over it, their edges must be pinned together at 2 inch intervals. Another set of pins at half inch intervals must be inserted afterwards, to ensure stability during the sewing process.

Using a thread that is similar to the front curtain, the two fabrics are now ready to be sewn together. It is highly recommended to double stitch” for durability. After the pins are removed, the lined drape is ready to be put up and enjoyed. It is important to remember that all projects have their ups and downs and may be frustrating during the first attempt. It is however a great opportunity to be creative, play with colours and liven up decor in the home.

Guests will be impressed with the ingenuity and fortitude that these projects often underline, creating a set of drapes that not only decorate and insulate, but also start conversations. With nothing more than simple materials, a bit of fabric and a sewing machine, a project this rewarding can be completed in under an hour. The most important tip is not to skimp on a good pair of fabric scissors; the degree of sharpness can make the difference between ruining a perfectly good material and creating a fabric masterpiece.

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